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Hello everyone!

First we would love to thank you that you are reading our story. We are a couple of travellers who loves exploring! We are together 5 years and we are travelling around the world last 4 years, when our dream came true. Our dream started in England, where we worked for 3 years. After this mission we worked as representatives for Czech travel agency in Korfu (Greece) for 4 months and after that we travelled through Greece for another month. Today we are starting in Chile where we would love to learn Spanish language, learn how to cook like proper Chilean but also to know this place. Also we love to share our experiences with others and we believe to be an inspiration. 

Who we are:

Hana (27) and Patrik (31) and this page, like instagram with hashtag dnes_letim (today I am flying), we started together two years ago with love for travelling. 

Why Chile:

For South America we fall in love when we have been in Brasil. In March 2018 we were applying for visas to New Zealand and because for Czech people is just one day and certain hour to apply for visas, and there is also a quote (1300 people), the internet is slow and the web page get easily stucked. So we didn't get them. After this we have been very sad and we didn't know what to do. So we searched. And our research showed us that it is possible to apply for the working holiday visas to Chile! Letś try it then!

Why follow us:

We don't have money so we would like to show to others that for travelling you actually don't need much. Chile still needs some exploring so the tourism is new here. We would like to show you, how you can start in Chile. Either with visas or without, but how you can for example buy a car where to go and what to do :) I hope you will enjoy it!

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Jmenujeme se Patrik (30) a Hana (26), dnes_letim stránku jsme založili společně před dvěmi lety v lásce a inspiraci k cestování.

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