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Finally our journey started! Today, 28.11.2018 we officially stepped in to Chile. Thanks to a different prices in fly tickets (from Prague to Rio de Janeiro and then to Santiago is cheaper, than from Prague to Santiago), we prolong our holidays in Rio de Janeiro - The town of Gods (Cidade de Deus), where we spent days full of samba and amazing food! We met many amazing people and witness many things, which a "gringo" never saw. We started in Santiago - the capital of Chile and we refurbished our car - Marcelo - Toyota 4 Runner - to be our new house. Patrik built in a storage which is on the top as a bed. This bed is for emergency because we have a kingdom - the roof top tent. But just in case that we will not feel safe on our way or there will be strong wind and rain, we always can hide inside our car. We wanted to start our journey earlier to catch the summer but unfortunately because of bureaucracy here we lost more than one month. Santiago as a city has its own ups and downs and we didn't feel comfortable here so we wanted to go as soon as possible. Our plan was to go straight to Pichilemu and have a Spanish school for 3 weeks. And we did it! Also we did a Workaway here to save money. We celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve (which was epic). After this we headed more south and hit places like Concepcion, Los Ángeles, Frutillar or Puerto Varas. Puerto Varas is an amazing place to hike around so after another Workaway experience we did our first 4 days hike and then visited Cochamo and did another 3 days hike. For now we are in lovely place Villa O'Higgins, which is almost the part of Patagonia with spiky mountains but with clear blue rivers surrounded  by trees. It should be not very nice weather for two days so will work on new photos and videos and then again we will pack our backs and start another hikes! Stay TUNED ...




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Jmenujeme se Patrik (30) a Hana (26), dnes_letim stránku jsme založili společně před dvěmi lety v lásce a inspiraci k cestování.

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